About us


There is a reason why practitioners around the world rely on ITO.

1916 Tokyo Medical Electric Co., Ltd. founded by Kenji Ito
Japan's first AC X-ray machine and other devices developed
1924 “Radio and Experiments” monthly magazine, Japan's first specialist radio technology magazine,
first published (Now published by Seibundo Shinkosha publishing company)
1934 Japan's first shortwave therapy unit, developed
1957 Company name changed to ITO Co., Ltd.
Wide range of electrotherapy equipment developed
1983 R&D Center opened
1989 Osteotron, Japan's first bone-growth stimulator, launched
Tsukuba Factory opened
1994 Shanghai Office opened in P.R.China
1998 Hanoi Office opened in Vietnam
Trio 300, world's first miniature multi-mode stimulator, launched
PM-800 Series, world's first inverter-controlled microwave therapy unit, launched
1999 ISO 9001 certification acquired
2001 ISO 13485 certification acquired
2003 ES-420 and ES-160 win 2003 iF Design Award
ISO 14001 certification acquired
2004 Reliability Control Center established
2005 EU-940 wins 2005 iF Design Award
2006 90th anniversary of founding celebrated
US-750 wins 2006 iF Design Award
2010 US-101L / US-103S, a new style in portable ultrasound therapy systems, launched
2016 100th anniversary
2017 ITO Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd. established in Hanoi, Vietnam.
2018 Head office relocated to Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan.

A spirit that inspires us to continue pursuing challenges posed by new domains

ITO's product development history is characterized by an eagerness to tackle the challenges of miniaturization, sophisticated features, and high performance. This spirit emerges from our founder's vision-to help people live healthier lives by broadening the range of therapy devices available for use at home.
Since successfully miniaturizing shortwave therapy devices about 80 years ago, ITO has continually striven to make our devices as compact as possible while retaining the features and performance of larger therapy devices. Products born from our unique expertise, including portable ultrasound therapy devices, portable interferential electrotherapy devices, and ultracompact hand-carried electrostimulator equipment, have been welcomed with wonder in markets around the world.
Grounded in this unique approach and offering advanced features, ITO's compact high-performance products are used today across a wide range of domains, from rehabilitation to athletic conditioning and therapy to in-home care.

A spirit that inspires us to continue pursuing challenges posed by new domains