ITO signed an official supplier contract with J-League's Shimizu S-Pulse


We are pleased to announce that we have signed an official supplier contract with the J-League's Shimizu S-Pulse.

Photo session with the J-League's Shimizu S-Pulse
About the Official Supplier Contract:

Our ITO Sports Project aims to support the best possible condition of as many athletes by using our physiotherapy devices with low-frequency and ultrasound that use energies aiming to facilitate injury prevention and expedite recovery from injuries and fatigue.

Through this contract, we will provide a convenient environment for self-care with treatment devices equipped with our unique Three-dimensional Interferential Current, which can stimulate a wide range of deep areas, and shortwave treatment devices with excellent deep heating capabilities, and other devices incorporating microcurrent, TENS, and EMS functionalities.

Along with these devices, we will also offer the latest information on their utilization, strengthening our support system to ensure athletes can approach training and matches in their best condition at all times.

Using ITO physiotherapy device