Support for the damaged areas and afflicted people from the severe rainstorm
which hit the Northern Kyushu district on July 2017.

All our employees at ITO extend our deepest sympathies to the affected people from the disastrous rainstorm and hope for a rapid recovery.
We have donated 1 million yen for the reconstruction in order to help and contribute with the rebuilding efforts through the Japanese Red Cross Society.
We intend to make every endeavor to further support and contribute to the relief efforts.

New Lineup

  • LAZR-207/LAZR-215

    LAZR-207 / LAZR-215

    High power laser therapy device resolving the causes of pathology at deep points by specific wavelengths and high energy.

  • EU-941


    Combination of ultrasound and electrotherapy device, providing highly efficient result.

  • US-751


    Ultrasound therapy device with a convention-defying style and color scheme.

  • US-101L / US-103S

    US-101L / US-103S

    The world’s smallest-class, palm-sized ultrasound therapy device.

* Not all devices are available in all markets. Consult the distributor for your country regarding availability.